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My DIY Search Engine Optimisation Rank Booster / Start-up Kit

What is the SEO start-up kit?

The SEO start-up kit is for new and start-up businesses. By following this article you can boost your online presence and start getting a few enquiries, including improving your search engine rankings for a few different keywords along the way, it is a great starting point for anyone looking to invest their own time into their online marketing and business exposure.

Perfect for new businesses looking to get found online

If you have just had a website built and are looking to invest time to further promote your business online, you may have realised by now that having a website is only the first step in acquiring new customers. Getting found is your second step and an important and sometimes daunting task.

Search engine optimisation, just like website design and development can be an expensive task that not every small business can afford. It takes a long time, so to assist you in helping your business succeed, I am sharing my DIY SEO start-up kit and some effective guidelines for you to follow to reduce your expenses and help you along the road to success.

My name is Danny, I am a freelance website designer & SEO expert based in Surrey. I have used my DIY SEO start-up kit many times before in client projects to take newly formed businesses and boost their sales, increasing their business exposure, visibility and rankings in search engines such as Google for their first 1-3 keywords.

My cost for this would usually be around £300 over a 3 month period to go through this list and create effective SEO optimised listings on each directory, but with a bit of careful consideration and knowledge on SEO tactics provided in this article and a good amount of time, you can do the same yourself.

I am giving you the ability, my list and knowledge in this article to do this all by yourself including a few quick tips on where to go from there, let’s start!

The SEO Start-Up Kit Guidelines

One of the main core processes of SEO is gaining backlinks to your website using relevant keywords, for each link gained containing your keyword, Googles algorithm sees this as a vote of confidence which then gives your website a boost based on what the link states in its clickable text called the anchor text.

Go through each directory listed below, using the main keywords as the business title, also including your business name, which is usually the part that contains the link in a successfully activated and approved listing. (Check this out beforehand by viewing already active listings on each directory.)

Below is an example of how I would title my business listing, using my business name for recognition and using my main keyword which I wish to be found for in search engines.

Some directories will only provide you with a URL link, this is fine, they also provide some value too and make your link building look more natural.

Example: Webbro Web Designs | Freelance Website Design Surrey

Each directory listing must be unique, with unique content and descriptions, I can’t stress this enough, filling out all the information and implementing keywords where necessary. Remember to write for the user and not search engines, this is an advert for your business. Do not take short cuts or copy and paste content from your site.

Each directory may have different activation times so be aware to check this to see if it suits your requirements, some may make you wait for up to 6 months to make your listing active.

Reciprocal Links

Some of these directories may request that you add a reciprocal link back to their website, create a links page on your website via your Content management system (CMS) if you have one or have an area in your footer to link back, the links are worth it to get you going and can be removed at a later stage if you wish when you no longer require these links due to further ongoing SEO.

The rewards of following the DIY SEO Start-Up Kit

When you first release your website, depending on how well your designer / developer has done with your on-page SEO, you will probably find yourself on about page 15-30 for your main keywords. I have found that following this DIY SEO start-up kit can easily get about 1-3 keywords onto page 1-5, a fantastic starting point for any SEO efforts after only a few months.

Below are the directories you should visit and go through 1 by 1. I have also included their page rank. Directories with a higher page rank pass more value to your website and page authority.


Where to go from here with your search engine optimisation efforts

Optimise your on-page content

Once you have been through each directory and created a listing, you may be wondering where to go from here. On-page SEO is extremely important, On-page SEO consists of things like page content, titles, meta information such as page descriptions, your website structure, alt tags found on images and internal linking from 1 page to another including anchor text.

I came across a great resource the other day which was created by Google. A beginners guide to SEO and talks about on-page SEO and how to optimise your website yourself. If you have a content management system such as WordPress this will be a very easy task, I also recommend installing a plugin called Yoast, if you don’t already have it. You can install that plugin by logging into your WordPress admin backend and navigating to the plugin folder -> Add new -> search for Yoast and install, then activate.

Yoast provides the required fields to edit your page titles, found in the page editor, page descriptions and allows you to target keywords per page providing a green light on how well your page is optimised, very handy. You can find out more about Yoast by visiting their website here.

Below is a link to Googles PDF file which you can spend some time getting up to scratch on how to optimise your on-page SEO.

Use a blog to create an authority site and promote that blog via social media

Another important tip to continue in your SEO efforts would be to choose a target market and think about how you can create useful and compelling content that will benefit your users. Your aim here is to promote your blog content to the world and some people will link to it, if your work is good. Remember to optimise your on-page SEO for your blog posts too as we spoke about above.

The DIY SEO startup kit social media marketing image

Social Media posting & posting in groups

My last tip to any new start-up business looking to get found online and increase their business exposure would be to use social media.

When I first started my business I managed to acquire a lot of new customers through posting on social media groups. Facebook is a great start, there are groups such as Items For Sale In Fleet Farnborough Aldershot Camberley And Surrounding Areas found on Facebook that are excellent at connecting you with small and personal businesses including the general public, creating posts on these pages following the on-page rules can be a fantastic start to getting found online.

There are many of these groups you can join and post in. Remember that there are many social platforms other than Facebook which are each unique and can be used to connect with a different audience. Facebook is generally used for connecting with individual people like the public but if you are looking to connect with a more professional audience and businesses maybe you could even try Linkin.


Following this extensive list of directories and listing your business following the advice in this article will result in your search engine rankings increasing over a short period of time.

It is impossible to complete them all in one day and should be done over the space of a few months. I would advise spreading this out anyway as too many links gained at once can be harmful to your website and looks spammy in the eyes of Google.

If you find you don’t have the time to complete this, you could always give me a call to implement this for you and my price for this was listed earlier in this article over a 3 month period.

Please feel free to get in touch here, I hope that this article has armed you with enough knowledge to get started and to get your business going online.

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